2016年7月28日 星期四

Jeffree Star Velour Liptick 2016 summer collection

昨天收到剛上市的Jeffree Star夏季唇彩五色!
雖然最近Jeffree Star負面消息不少,但是他的彩妝風格跟YouTube影片還是很合我胃口啊!


 Got the new Jeffree Star summer vacation yesterday.
Although  there are many bad news about Jeffree Star recently, I really like his makeup and YouTube style.

The yellow one is weird though, other colors are kinda girly.
And I really like the packaging, so as soon as I saw this collection, I want to buy all of them!


順道一提,美體小舖的夏季系列Piña colada的磨砂我很喜歡!
Piña colada是椰子跟鳳梨的調酒,我本來就很愛喝。
不像美體小舖有一些磨砂顆粒是果核的比較硬, 椰子殼屑屑感覺比較溫和。

The box and tube are both yellow.
Don't know why I really like yellow and pineapple stuff recently.
I want to find a pineapple print dress but i can't, sad.

By the way, I like the Body Shop sumeer collection Piña colada body scrub.
Piña colada is a cocnut and pineapple cocktail, I like to drink a lot.
The body scrub has the scent of it, and the scrubbing thing is coconut shell.
Some of the Body Shop scrubbing thing is seed and it's too hard, coconut shell is softer.

 Arm swatch left to right:

Virginity, Queen Bee, Nude Beach, (714), Watermelon Soda



Only the (714) is the original lipstick weird smell, others are watermelon scented.

There will be a photo from the Jeffree Star site and my photos. 

首先是Virginity,很淺的粉紫色,有點像以前Mac跟Nick Minaj合作的唇膏顏色。

First, Virginity, super light lavender color, looks like a lipstick that Mac collaborate with Nick Minaj.

 Queen Bee,黃色,這支的質地比較像霜狀不是液體,比較不好塗勻。

 Queen Bee, yellow, the texture is more like cream than liquid, can't really apply evenly.
Different from the website photo and my imagination, it's not really bright yellow, it's a bit pastel.

Nude Beach,官網照比較真實,我的照片拍起來太淺了。

 Nude Beach, the website picture is more true to the reality, mines are too light.
Very light orange, or a yellowy orangey nude, very special and I like it.


 (714) is a neon coral pink, it's an old limited edition and they launch it again.

 Watermelon Soda,很美很夏天的螢光橘紅色。

 Watermelon Soda, a very summery and beautiful neon orangey red.
I'm quite tanned now, this one suits different skin tones the most, other lighter colors look weird on my skin now.

這兩張是我第一次嘗試唇彩漸層,外面是Watermelon Soda,中間點上Queen Bee。

今天的底妝是Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 的8 medium,

想說買個深色粉底液來用用,原本想買Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow,那瓶是遮蓋力比較低的。

我是用Maybelline fit me concealer 20。

This two pictures are my first time trying ombre lips.
Outside is  Watermelon Soda and inside is Queen Bee.

My base today is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 8 medium.
The darkest color besides black models.
I swim a lot and got really tanned.
I only lightly dust some Intergrate powder in the darkest shade.

I wanted to buy a darker liquid foundation.
I wanted to buy Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow which has lighter coverage.
I bought in Beautylish and they packed wrong.
However, their customer service is excellent.
I e-mailed them and they sent me a new one immediately, and told me to keep this one.

I use this for the first time today and it's so dark, much darker than my face.
And it's warm, orange tone.
After I applied it, it's actually similar color to my body.
I use a lighter concealer, Maybelline fit me concealer in 20, and it looks okay.
I use Givenchy prisme libre powder #1, which is too white but it's perfect with this darker foundation.
I don't know how long it lasts since this is the first time I use.


This is the Foundation.