2015年12月4日 星期五

Sephora and other stuff haul Sephora跟其他東東的戰利品


Christmas is around the corner. Many brands and websites started their sale.
I bought something in Sephora both VIB and VIBR. They finally all came yesterday.
I also bought something in the annual sale of department. In the end there's one small thing.

Let's get it started!


The famous Exposed by Tarte. A matte garish pink. Goes well with everything.

 Urban Decay的Rapture,還沒用,應該是有細緻珠光的藕灰色。

Rapture by Urban Decay, haven't use this yet, I think it's a shimmer mauve.
I know about this blush because of the purple Bittersweet, but when I search the pictures, it doesn't look very pretty on face.
So I buy this color and looks like I have millions of this color.
The packaging is special, the top is 2 layer of plastic.

Kat von D的shade + light face palette,雖然之前才買了一個Kevin Aucoin的修容,
也是有跟Anastasia Beverly Hill的比較了一番,除了品牌偏好以外,

Shade + Light contour palette by Kat von D.
Although I just bought a Kevin Aucoin contour, the whole palette looks so professional.
I compared it with the Anastasia Beverly Hill one.
Except for the preference of the brand, I like the colors of this palette more.
I think the texture are both good because there are someone stand for both palettes.

Becca跟Jaclyn Hill合作的Champagne pop,很多youtuber說了他很誇張的稱讚,

Becca and Jaclyn Hill collaboration, Champagne pop.
Many youtubers said good thing about it.
It's true. Super beautiful. Exquisite champagne shimmer reflects the pretty light.
Especially in taking pictures, even when the skin condition and base are bad, with the light it will still look great. 

Too Faced的Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks禮盒組,迷你版腮紅跟唇彩。

腮紅是Love Flush系列裡的Your Love is King、Love Hangover跟Justify My Love。
但是一點點就很夠用啦,非常顯色,我目前只用過粉橘色的Love Hangover很美。

液態唇彩是Melted Lipstick裡的Melted Fig、Melted Nude、Melted Peony。

Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks set by Too Faced, mini size blush and liquid lipstick.
I threw the box away. It came in three small box with the similar shade of blush and lipstick.
It can be given away as gift. Very cute.

The blushes are Your Love is King, Love Hangover and Justify My Love in Love Flush.
They are so small, even smaller than my blush brush.
I felt that there are not enough amount on my brush and it came out too much.
But a little goes a long way. Very pigmented. I've only used Love Hangover and it's beautiful.

Liquid lipstick is Melted Fig, Melted Nude and Melted Peony in Melted lipstick.
AMAZING! My FAVORITE liquid lipstick so far.
Color payoff is good. Not matte not glossy, so it's not dry nor greasy, just feels like liquid.
Confortable on lips, it goes away when you eat, but perfectly fine if just a light kiss.


The lipstick comes out in a sponge head. Left is not used and the right is used.

附贈一張使用Love Hangover跟Melted Nude的妝容照,右下角就是Melted Nude的顏色跟質地。

Makeup with Love Hangover and Melted Nude. The right down corner one is the texture and color of Melted Nude. 

 Urban Decay的Vice 4眼影盤,紙盒、袋子跟眼影盤本身。

Urban Decay Vice 4 eyeshadow palette. The box, bag and the palette.
The top part of the palette is 2 layer of plastic too. Cool different tone colors.

但是我看上了Urban Decay的單顆眼影Mildew跟其他顆,Mildew長得有點像最中間的那個銀灰綠色C-note。

How the color blocks look like. 
I have to say that I didn't want to buy this palette at first when I saw it because of the color combination.
I wanted to buy the mono eyeshadow of Urban Decay called Mildew and some others.
Mildew looks quite like the silvery grayish green in the middle called C-note.
However, the price of 2 or 3 monos equal to the palette. 
I bought this palette instead.
Only those who are determined and can resist the temptation can buy the mono eyeshadows.

左邊是Vice 3,右邊是Vice 4。
雖然Vice 3是我的一見鍾情,但是Vice 4看久了覺得顏色更有層次、更幽微、更細緻。
Vice 3的心得在這邊

The left is Vice 3. The right is Vice 4.
Vice 3 is a love-at-the-first-sight, but I think the colors of Vice 4 looks more delicate and special as time go by.
About Vice 3 click here.

Kat von D的Mi Vida Loca,實在是很誇張的調色盤啊,但是看起來就是爽!

Mi Vida Loca remix eyeshadow palette by Kat von D.
Unbelievable! Big and colorful!
Actually the packing is heavy and take a lot of space.
A weird design just like a drawer.
Those youtubers who likes colorful makeup all have this so I want it!

像是這樣,這兩個都是我最近很喜歡的Youtuber用Mi Vida Loca化的妝。

Like these two. My recently favorite two youtubers using this palette.


There is a paper of makeup tutorial comes with this.

接下來是Nars系列,這是跟Steven Klein合作的系列,其中的雙色腮紅Vengeful。

Here comes Nars! Collaboration with Steven Klein, the duo blush Vengeful.
This is so beautiful. Get it while you can.
The red looks so dark but when you put it on face. it looks like a sun burn.
Just gorgeous!

Nars Audacious Lipstick,中文好像是叫惹火唇膏。

My favorite lipstick so far.
After I bought the first, it comes with the second, the third and the forth.
Nars Audacious Lipstick.
暗棕紅色的Deborah,歐美很流行90年代grunge look,我蠻沈迷這個潮流的。




From left to right:
Dark brownie red called Deborah. 
Brown smoky eyes and brown lipstick are must-haves in the latest 90s grunge look.
This is for that!

Liv is a very dark purple red.
But not really easy to apply evenly.

Dominique is the first one I bought among them.
I have been searching for it for a long time before, but I couldn't find it in Taipei.
I went to Taichung recently and found this.
Perfect texture. Not matte, not glossy. Just great.
This is the most wearable color in my purple lipstick collection. Grayish purple with a hint of pink.
Can be normal makeup or edgy.

最近寶雅進了這個紅很久的Maybelline age rewind海綿頭遮瑕,我在寶雅的超級商城買的。

Finally this Maybelline age rewind concealer comes to Taiwan.
Only sell in Poya store and online.
Mine is in the sade Light. Perfect for my skin tone.