2016年1月13日 星期三

America drugstore haul & makeup


Just received the stuff that I bought in Drugstore.com.
I'm going to share my haul and the look I did with them.

美國的基本時薪是我們的三倍耶, 化妝品不論專櫃或是開架都比我們便宜,真是沒天良!

眼影盤是Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eyeshadow Set,色號是Comfort Zone。

All these stuffs are around 2000 NTD included shipping fee.
This is really cheap, especially the minimum wage in Taiwan is 1/3 than the States.
The cosmetics no matter high-end or budget are cheaper than here.
This is not reasonable!

The eyeshadow palette is Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eyeshadow Set in Comfort Zone.
The duo-chrome green in right-down corner is quite famous.
I haven't used this yet so I'm not gonna talk about that.

上面的是The multitasker face powder,雖然我是看他外表買的,但是我買之前查了網路的評論,好像對於控油的效果還不錯,評價也不差。我算偏油的混合肌所以想試試。色號是light medium 02。


下面的是 Rose powder blush,色號是tea rose,完全看長相的,放著也高興。

These two cuties with beautiful pattern are both from Milani.
The upper one is The multitasker face powder.
I bought it because of the look, but the reviews online are quite good, especially in oil control.
My skin is oil-combination so I wanna give it a try.
The color I bought is medium 02.

(1/17) I used this as foundation for two days.
Perfect color match for my skin color now, and looks great on skin.
However it's drier and colder here now, my skin condition is better.

The lower one is Rose powder blush in tea rose.
Bought it for the look, too. It makes me happy just to see it.

這個是頗有名的youtuber Kathleen Light很常提到的、他最喜歡的腮紅之一,Milani baked powder blush的Luminoso。如果有在看他的頻道,就知道他真的很常用!

This is Milani baked powder blush in Luminoso, which is always mentioned and loved by the famous  youtuber Kathleen Light.
If you watch her channel, you will know that she use this a lot.

上面兩條是luminoso, 顏色很飽和,有細細金粉,蠻美的,很夏天。

下面是tea rose,質地就是很乾粉感。

Top two swipes are Luminoso.
Great color pay-off, gold shimmer in it.
It's pretty and great for summer.

The last one is Tea rose.
It's dry and powdery.
I swiped back and forth many times and get this color.
Bad color pay-off and the powder is difficult to attached on skin.

Physicians Formula的Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes,色號是Natural。

I saw Cara use this highlighter always and she looks fabulous!
So I wanna try this out too!
Physicians Formula的Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes in Natural.
It's a bulky box but what's inside is surprisingly gorgeous!
My most satisfied and favorite item in this purchase!


The front side is the powder which can be applied on eyelids and cheek.
The back side is a mirror, brushes and instruction.




Random color swatch!
I thought they would be all shiny and could be used as eyeshadow.
Actually the golds and browns are great for eyelids, you can really use it both in cheeks and lids.

I mixed the top half for cheek highlight.
It's white with pink shine, so beautiful and strong!
But if you like a more natural highlight, this might be too much for you.

The powder texture is so smooth and creamy, such a great product for its price.

這些是超級便宜的Wet n Wild唇膏,也是看到Cara有用才想買的。

最右下角是silk finish lipstick的cashmere,這個是便宜的,但是比較滋潤的質地。

其他都是megalast lip color,都是非常飽和的霧面。

Pink Suga、Bare It All、Sand Storm

Mocha-licious(我最喜歡)、Think Pink、Smokin' Hot Pink

Stoplight Red、Sugar Plum Berry(據說是MAC Rebel的dupe,看圖真的幾乎一模一樣)、Cashmere

These are the super cheap Wet n Wild lipsticks, also saw Cara use this.
The more expensive one is 64 NTD and cheap one is 28. 
That's just CRAZY!

The one in the right-bottom corner is silk finish lipstick in cashmere.
This is the cheap one and it's more moisturizing.
I swiped several times until the color showed fully.

Others are all megalast lip color, very pigmented matte.
All swatches are just one swipe.

Top row left to right:
Pink Suga, Bare It All, Sand Storm

Middle row left to right:
Mocha-licious (my fave), Think Pink, Smokin' Hot Pink

Bottom row left to right:
Stoplight Red, Sugar Plum Berry (dupe for MAC Rebel, in the pics they look almost the same!), Cashmere




眼線用etude house 101筆的霧面咖啡畫上眼線跟下眼線,古銅色畫下眼線。

所以臉的側邊往太陽穴那邊是luminoso,臉中間蘋果肌那邊是tea rose。


I use them for my makeup!
I use the PF palette for eyes and highlight.
The tip of my nose is super shiny!

Use the bottom half of the palette for eye makeup.
The darkest color and the gold for upper and lower eyelid color.
The rose gold for highlight my inner corner.
Cheek highlight is mix of top half of the palette.

I used luminoso for blush first, but it's so warm and orange that I'm not used to.
I like colder colors for cheeks normally, so I added a little bit of rose blush under my eyes.
SO the side of my face is luminoso and the front of my face (apple of my cheek) is tea rose.

Lips are Shiseido Maquillage - Dual Color Rouge #30.


The pic below is that I use the PF palette on my mom, similar way as I did on myself.

那個眼頰盤推薦大家購入,Milani baked powder blush有機會也想購入更多顏色喔!

Really recommend to buy the PF palette.
I would also want to buy more color of Milani baked powder blush.